Another Kind of Mini

So this is the mini I have been working on this last month.........

 The mini is in the middle......

Look at that face.....

This is him just a over two weeks ago......he had just flown over 20 hours from an orphanage in China.    
 Doesn't even look like the same boy...amazing what love will do.
We signed up to host this little one and try to find him a family.   He was assigned by China to the program,  they pick resilient kids  who they feel may have (or are having) a hard time getting adopted.
 They stay for about 20 days and hopefully in that time a family can be found.....the child still has to return to China while the adoption process takes place.   

 We found him a home!!!!!!

So now he travels back to China and we begin the paper-chase and fundraising....!!!  
Blessings, Kim

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