Vintage Pictures...

Here are a few more vintage photos.

I scanned both sides so they would be exact copies of the originals.....well, except for their "mini-ness"

Hope you have a sunny weekend!  Mini Blessings, Kim

Love Letters....

I really enjoy working with old pictures and letters.....this is a little scene I made for Layel and Liberty's doll house.  It is a real letter and envelope that my father wrote to my mother before they were married, he was away in the military.  The pictures are of my mom and dad......  I thought it would be neat to have the real thing in one-twelfth!  

My mom (in the pic) is actually looking at the picture of my dad that I have framed in this scene .......

 Mini Blessings!, Kim

Winnie the Pooh

Some of my favorite books  are the original Winnie the Pooh books.... I made these for a scene I am working on.  I love A.A. Milne no matter what size the Pooh Bear books are!  Have a blessed weekend.....He is Risen!!!

Mini Blessings, Kim

Think Spring!

Spring came and teased us last week, it  lasted just long enough for my Magnolia tree to bud and my flowers to pop their little heads out of the ground!  Come on Spring!

Butterfly, Butterfly
Butterfly, butterfly, whence do you come?
I know not, I ask not, I never had home.
Butterfly, butterfly, where do you go?
Where the sun shines, and where the buds grow.

Butterfly Cookies

and how about some Baby Bunny Biscuits?
Have a beautiful week!   Mini Blessings,   Kim

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