Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my blog!  Here I am in a nutshell- Mom of 5, mother-in-law to 1, and Grandma to be!!!! I win the prize for home-schooling...18+ years! Chocolate seems to solve most of my problems (except for the extra pounds it leaves for me as  a reminder of how much I love it) I am broken-hearted for the orphan and a huge advocate for adoption. I see most things in 'mini' and have my best ideas at night!  (which works for me because I am terrible at sleeping!)  My biggest passion is for the God who loved me right where I was at, His love  changed me. Following Him has been the ride of my life!!! I would love to talk to you about any of the above, send me an email!  

*You can see more of my work aat my Esty shop!

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