Chocolate for Dinner!

 We have been working on a different kind of "mini" at our house and it has left me no time for clay minis!    We are working on adopting a little girl from China!    We have been swamped with paper work but are about done and are in for a couple month wait until the next round!   This is a little scene I made for an article I  wrote for an issue of AIM magazine.    So this will be a repeat for those of you who read the mag....sorry!    I hope to have some time in the next couple of months to work on a few new creations!    In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the chocolate table, you can't go wrong with a whole meal made from chocolate!

                                                           Mini Blessings, Kim

Easter Goodies!

I actually got a couple of Easter goodies made BEFORE Easter!  Yeah!  I am most usually a couple of days (okay or weeks...months?) after the holiday, which is why I very rarely have any holiday minis to sell!  Sometimes it is not just the minis I am two steps behind on, sometimes it is my whole life, some weeks it feels like one big game of "catch up"!  Oh well, it keeps life anyway here are a couple of minis I finally finished BEFORE Easter!

                          (I took pics of this before it was glued to a board, this is shown just on paper)

                                   A little checked Easter board featuring all kinds of Easter breads..

                                                                       Dyed eggs of course!

            .........and more chocolate (because we all know you can never have too much of a good thing!)

                                     Chocolate (there is that word again!) cake with pastel roses..
  The roses are made of craft porcelain, they can be made very thin with this clay but you have to work like you are on fire, it dries so fast!                              

I hope your week finds you two steps ahead!  Mini Blessings, Kim
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