END OF SUMMER GIVE-A-WAY!   I thought I would end this summer with a give-a-way as a thank you to all of you who follow my blog and leave such nice comments!  The rules are simple and you can enter once or double your chances and enter is how you do it...

1. Be a follower of my blog and leave a comment.  (You have just entered once.)

2.  Do the above and then put a link to my blog on your blog, comment again and tell me you linked me. (You are now entered twice!)

The contest begins  NOW!  and you may enter until August 21st! - The winner will be drawn the week of the 21st!
Thank you so much for entering and for following my blog, it is has been such fun to hear from you and to see all the wonderful creations so many of you make!  Here is the prize......

Everything is attached to the green board and is non-removable.  You will also receive the extra plate of cornbread and the vintage sign on a stand.  (unfortunately the furniture is not included, my daughter would not be happy with me if I gave away a piece of her kitchen set!)   Good luck!   Mini Blessings, Kim

P.S. Here is a fun giveaway by a photographer :)  Click HERE!

Not so "mini" Mini!

  Here are pictures of the building of our miniature house that has been our backyard project for the last month.  It is a playhouse for Layel and Liberty!  It is not quite completed, it needs a coat of paint, trim pieces, and landscaping all around that still needs to be done.  It may be a while, it has been so hot and humid, I haven't been able to paint!  The inside is about done, hot pink floor (picked out by the 8 year old!) and white walls almost all in place!  Time for a tea-party!

Taa Daa.........the (almost )  finished project!  Mini Blessings, Kim
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