Not so "mini" Mini!

  Here are pictures of the building of our miniature house that has been our backyard project for the last month.  It is a playhouse for Layel and Liberty!  It is not quite completed, it needs a coat of paint, trim pieces, and landscaping all around that still needs to be done.  It may be a while, it has been so hot and humid, I haven't been able to paint!  The inside is about done, hot pink floor (picked out by the 8 year old!) and white walls almost all in place!  Time for a tea-party!

Taa Daa.........the (almost )  finished project!  Mini Blessings, Kim


  1. Sweet! Love the images! You certainly have been busy!

  2. woooooww!!! Is fantastic!! I love it!!

  3. Wow, it puts my boys play shed to shame!!! lol. I would have never left it when i was a girl.



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