Fungus Farming....

Last blog was carrots and potatoes and so this  blog I would like to tell you about another kind of gardening I do...fungus farming.  Here are pictures of my latest mushrooms I have been diligently caring for over the last month....okay, not true.  Here is my latest mini though, started out as mushrooms to eat on pizza and well, I strayed! 

Wish I could get a close enough picture to show you the detail...
Hope you are enjoying a wonderful                                   start to summer!  

Mini Blessings, Kim

Fresh Picked!

Yep, I have been gardening.  Everyone who knows me knows what a green thumb I have (cough cough) here is the bounty of all my hard work. Fresh picked vegis!  Hopefully, we will have warm enough weather some day to actually grow these for real!  Farmer's market, here I come! :)

You can't tell by the pic but this board has a cute celery green pattern on the board and a weathered metal can...
Blue-green board....I grow some good lookin
Vintage blue.....
Close up of those spuds, I like sweet potatoes myself...just putin' it out there....:)

                Mini Blessings!


Hello!  So  my 'real' life is finally falling into a routine and I have been able to create a few little miniatures!  It hasn't taken me long to start seeing everything in mini again!  Thank you to all of my followers for 'hanging around' and keeping track of my 'real' life!  

               So here is a little Circus Party board to kick things off!  

Yummy chocolate cake, cupcakes topped with cherries and boxes of animal crackers (makes me want to start singing, "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens"....)

candy sticks, decorated tin of sour balls and even tickets for the games!

I am hoping to have my CDHM gallery up and going again this week too, I will have this board and a couple others listed.
Mini Blessings!


Okay, my work space has been set up and I am all ready to "mini" again!  Here is what I have been up to this last year, a real live, beautiful mini!  We are blessed!

                                                 Mini Blessings!
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