Charlie Brown and Christmas Minis....

I finished up my last Christmas mini as I watched one of  my Christmas favorites, Charlie Brown's Christmas...gotta love Charlie Brown! I have already watched It's a Wonderful Life and I hope I have time to get in a few more before Christmas (HAVE to watch A Christmas Story!) What are some of your Christmas favorites?   Anyway, here is are a few pics of what my daughter and I made for a friend, I thought I would show you before we wrap it up!

Mini Blessings, Kim


  1. Preciosa mesa, las bolas de Navidad estan muy guapas. Un saludo

  2. What frined wouldn't be delighted with this little gift! It's fabulous. Gill x

  3. Thank you all so much for the nice comments...I have not replied very often on here because for some reason I cannot get it to type....any ideas why it won't? Today it looks like you will get only part of this message! The first lines look like hyphens! Oh well, thank you again, I hope you all have a blessed Christmas! Love, Kim


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