Strawberry-Chocolate Ripple!

Ice Cream Stop By Shel Silverstein 

The circus train made an ice cream stop
At the fifty-two flavor ice cream stand.
The animals all got off the train
And walked right up to the ice cream man.
“I’ll take Vanilla,” yelled the gorilla.
“I’ll take Chocolate,” shouted the ocelot.
“I’ll take Strawberry,” chirped the canary.
“Rocky Road,” croaked the toad
“Lemon and Lime,” growled the lion.
Said the ice cream man, “Til I see a dime,
You’ll get no ice cream of mine.”
Then the animals snarled and screeched and growled
And whinnied and whimpered and hooted and howled
And gobbled up the whole ice cream stand,
All fifty-two flavors
(fifty-three with the ice cream man).

I would like three scoops of Strawberry-Chocolate Ripple please...

How about a cherry for the top?

  Some animal cookies would go so well with the ice cream....

Thanks for checking our my creations!  Mini Blessings, Kim


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