Fall Has Arrived!

Fall is here!  Cooler weather, changing leaves and my favorite part of fall...visits to the apple orchard!  Nothing can beat the rolling hills, blue skies, hack-rack rides, warm apple turnovers and the best for last...picking apples!  It is a tradition, we have gone to the same orchard for years and years, I even have a painting of it in my kitchen!   This little apple board is made for the season,  I used a little bit of nature for the actual "board" .....I like the primitive look of it.  Anyway, the board will be for sale on my CDHM gallery, hope you like it!   (I had a really hard time taking pics of it for some reason.....  I could not get the color or detail of the apples like I wanted to! Oh well, here they are anyway!)

                                                                 Mini Blessings, Kim


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