The warm and sun has finally shown themselves this week in Iowa!  It went from the 40s to 88 almost overnight!    The girls and I decided to throw a blanket in the yard, sit in the sun and craft.....besides sunburns, and a water fight with the hose, this is what we accomplished....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bird houses.......
 and more birdhouses......

finally.........more birdhouses!

Good job Layel and Liberty!                                             
                                                                         Mini Blessings!, Kim


  1. Adorable birdhouses! You used great colors. Also love the way you set everything up for the photos.

  2. Que colección de pajareras más bonitas .

  3. I've spent more time looking at your beautiful blog, these are birdhouses are gorgeous. Thanks for leaving me a message. The ribbons are printed fabric. Gill x


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