Busy and Blessed!

Real life has taken me away from creating minis lately...I have 4 kids going in 4 different directions!  I have one actually on a plane as I type to do missionary work in Africa, I have a girl who turns the big 13 tomorrow, I have an 8 year old I am finishing up school with (I home school) and last but now least a 22 year old that is busy getting a photography business going!  Whew! I am busy and blessed!   I have finally started a new project this week...I will post as I go if I can!  I can't wait to go the show in Chicago in a couple of weeks!  If you are going let me know I would love to meet you in person!  We need name tags or something!!!  For now here are some cute  black and white pictures I "shabbied" up!  Hope to see some of you in Chicago! 

Have a blessed week!  Kim       
(Here is my daughter's blog if you want to check it out...Pink Flower Photography)

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