New Etsy Site!!!!!

      It has been a long, hot  summer here in Iowa!  I love it!  I have been able to spend time outside with the little girls but that means not much crafting time.  Here are a few things I have worked on this summer and they will be listed on my new Etsy site that my wonderful daughter has been working on for me!  I am gearing up for the school year now (I home school)  so once I get back on a schedule, I hope to have more mini time!  In the mean blessings to you!!!!!

 Mini Bonsai.......little Bonsai that was really fun to make.....
Secret Garden Chair...
 Cookies and Fruit on a pretty silver platter.
I love this picture!  How cool would it be to go outside and find little treats in the middle of each


  1. You're miniatures are fantastic. :)
    I'd love to follow your blog and see your etsy shop, but, sadly, I could not see the followers spot or link to your shop. :(

  2. Kimmi Lou - you have such a beautiful blog. Love the floral designs on the side - great format. The bonsai tree is adorable and I love the bird's nest and tiny treats. Great work!


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