My New Mini!

So it has been awhile!  I have so busy...but not with the usual kind of minis....I have been busy with this mini....

10 months ago we traveled to Taiyuan,  China to bring our son home....that face.  He was 5 at the time. He has kept me busy these 10 months and the mini making, well, it had to take a huge backseat.  I have been slowly making time to check out a lot of your blogs and see what you are all up to! (Looking great by the way)  To say it has been an easy year, would just be a lie!   In the middle of our adoption of this little guy, I lost my best friend and sister and we decided to parent her son we brought our 5 year old from China home to a new brother of 16....we are a family of 9 now, a  For the last year we have just been trying to find our 'new normal."
Part of that "new normal" is me sending two kids to school and only homeschooling two, tutoring Orton Gillingham at night and a decision to 'clean' up our home from any toxins in the things we use in our home and on our products, perfumes, make-up...etc (download the free Think Dirty App and you can scan all of you products!)  I have lost my grandmother, mother and sister to breast cancer, we are trying to clear out things that may be contributing to the cancer.  I had no idea that when I decided to buy a bottle of cleaner it would change my life in so many areas!  I bought  Thieves Cleaner and used it once and was sold!  The cleaner led to other products, oils etc. and that led to my new business!  So here is an example of what I have been using my minis for lately!

It has let me dabble in the mini making a little and really work on my Oil business at the same's a win-win!  If you  would like to follow our adoption/homeschooling/ getting healthy/etc journey you can check it out here:  

Thanks for dropping in and keep up all of your great work!!!


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